Diving in a natural environment is a fascinating activity where we invite ourselves into a natural environment that is not ours. This is why it must be practiced with deep respect for the environment. Quebec offers many freshwater and saltwater diving opportunities, and as a diver, it is important to do your part to preserve the beauty and integrity of these ecosystems.

Here are some behaviors and gestures that divers can adopt to be respectful of the environment during their open water dives in Quebec:

  1. Comply with the regulations: Parks and nature reserves often have specific rules for diving. Before you go diving, make sure you know the rules applicable to the area you are visiting and respect them.
  2. Avoid contact: Avoid touching corals, plants and sea animals. Corals are extremely fragile and can be damaged even by a simple touch. Also avoid feeding the fish, as this can disrupt their natural diet.
  3. Do not take memories: Do not collect objects, such as shells, stones or pieces of coral. These elements play an important role in the marine ecosystem and their removal can upset the natural balance.
  4. Use ecological products: Use eco-friendly products for your scuba gear, such as environmentally safe sunscreens and lotions.
  5. Avoid polluting: Do not throw any waste in the water or on the beach. Bring a waste bag with you to store your waste and dispose of it properly at the end of your dive.
  6. Do not disturb the seabed: Avoid stirring up the sand or disturbing the seabed with your fins. This can disturb the natural habitat of sea creatures.
  7. Avoid night dives : Avoid night diving in environmentally sensitive areas, as this can disturb nocturnal sea creatures.
  8. Carry out a thorough cleaning of equipment, boats, buoys (required when changing environment to avoid the transport of invasive animals such as the zebra mussel).
  9. Train a mesh bag to pick up litter underwater (the good deed of the day between buddy to preserve underwater life)

By adopting these behaviors and gestures during your open water dives in Quebec, you can help preserve the beauty and integrity of these ecosystems for generations to come.

Open water diving can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it's up to each of us to do our part to preserve these fragile ecosystems.