Québec Subaquatique is a federation of outdoor activities. A private stakeholder of public interest, it is owned by its members and associates with organizations that share its objectives. A non-profit organization founded in 1970, Québec Subaquatique brings together underwater activity enthusiasts and diving stakeholders in Quebec. It also publishes the magazine En Profondeur.

Its mission

The Federation's mission is to bring together underwater enthusiasts, ensure their safety, represent their interests and promote underwater activities (scuba diving, underwater hockey and rugby, freediving sports).

Ses objectifs

  • To ensure the safety of recreational scuba divers;

  • To promote underwater activities on the territory of the province of Quebec;

  • To bring together organizations and individuals interested in underwater activities;

  • To inform and educate its members and the general population of Quebec on the benefits of underwater activities and to promote these activities as a leisure activity and a means of training;

  • To develop in organizations and individuals interested in underwater activities, respect for nature and the environment and the preservation of the fauna and flora and the underwater heritage;

  • To make studies and develop research on the various aspects of the practice of underwater activities;

  • To solicit and receive from any corporation, society, group or individual, donations, bequests and other contributions of the same nature in money, securities or real estate; to administer such donations, bequests and other contributions and to organize fund raising campaigns;

  • To represent the interests of Quebec divers and stakeholders in the world of underwater activities at the Quebec, Canadian and international levels

Conseil d’administration, commissions et comités

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact Marie-Christine Lessard, Executive Director, at  info@quebecsubaquatique.ca

Marie-Pierre Lessard – Présidente

Stéphanie Labbé – Vice-présidente
Suzanne Gagnon – Secrétaire
Gilles Vaillancourt – Trésorier

Charles Dupont – Administrateur
Karine Desautels – Administratrice
Stéphann Grégoire – Administrateur


Présidente – Marie-Pierre Lessard

Coordo: Marie-Christine Lessard

Stéphann Grégoire

Stéphanie Labbé

Présidente : Marie-Pierre Lessard

Charles Dupont

Karine Desautels

Président: Gilles Vaillancourt

Coordo: Marie-Christine Lessard

Suzanne Gagnon

Stéphann Grégoire

Hugo Daniel – Président

Marie-Renée Blanchet
Karine Desautels
Pierre Larose
Carl Mailhot
Marc-Denis Rioux

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