A sport to discover

Although it is a practice little known to the general public, underwater hockey players are present in several clubs in Quebec. It is also practiced elsewhere in Canada as well as in more than 30 countries.

To enjoy this sport, you must participate

The best way to enjoy an underwater hockey game is to have your head in the water. This is where we appreciate all the dynamics of this sport where all the action takes place below the surface. To discover this sport, you must participate in it or have access to it through video. So, isn't it better to try the experience by literally diving into it?

Where does underwater hockey come from?

Invented in England in 1954 by Alan Blake, underwater hockey was born out of the need for diving enthusiasts to keep in shape during the winter. Long before the appearance of its first official regulations in the mid-1960s, friendly matches between clubs were held. At the very beginning, the very rudimentary game consisted simply of pushing a brass washer with a small wooden fork. It is twenty years later that the equipment is refined and improved. In Quebec, it was Rodrigue Sarrazin who brought underwater hockey to the province some thirty years ago, following a diving trip to the United States.

How do we play?

Players evolve in a horizontal position, parallel to the bottom of the pool at a depth that often varies around 2m to 3m. Players are equipped with fins, mask, snorkel, glove and a 30 centimeter stick. The equipment is very different from that of ice hockey! Moreover, the puck, which always evolves at the bottom of the pool, weighs 1.5 kg.

The game is played six against six and the objective is to send the puck into the opposing team's goal, which is 3m wide. Players pass each other and take advantage of the moments when the puck is in possession of another player to catch their breath. In regular time, a game lasts 33 minutes, i.e. two fifteen-minute periods separated by a three-minute half-time during which the teams change sides.

Who can plan underwater hockey ?

Underwater hockey is accessible to everyone and can be practiced from childhood to old age. It helps to develop good cardiovascular capacities. Contrary to what one might imagine, it is not necessary to stay at the bottom of the water for a long time to be a good hockey player!

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