Presentation of Les Escoumins diving base

  • Crédit : Gilles Létourneau

Enjoy your visit, good diving and good discoveries!

In preparation for your visit

Underwater universe with enchanting colors, inhabited by one of the most abundant fauna and flora, is, with good reason, one of the best destinations for saltwater diving in Quebec.

Easy access, located on the North Shore, near the Saguenay Fjord, the CDMM (Marine Environment Discovery Center) is the main attraction for diving in the region.

It also attracts many non-divers, thanks to its subarctic underwater ecosystem and its many experts present on site.

In order to allow the discovery of this exceptional environment, you can find three different diving sites:

  • The Bay of Anemones
  • The East Cove
  • The West Cove

A series of cement walkways and stairs facilitate launching from the shore, this is an exception for this region whose coastline is mostly rocky and steep.

Services offered to divers :

  • Diving shop with equipment rental and air filling service.
  • experience guides are available to accompany you during your first dives and allow you to familiarize yourself with this type of diving from the shore.

When you get out of the water, you can take advantage of the heated showers and changing rooms, specially designed for divers.

As the access to the shore is sloping, the CDMM lends wheelbarrows to transport the diving equipment to the launch.

Come and immerse yourself in this section of the estuary of our majestic St. Lawrence River to discover one of the most prized places by the diving community in Quebec. You will understand why divers return year after year to explore this unique environment.

You will see these colorful sea beds, densely covered with anemones, sponges, seaweed and sea urchins, are of an unsuspected richness and have nothing to envy to those of the tropical destinations.

There is one condition, however: you must be willing to brave the icy waters!

All sites are accessible to all. However, it is recommended not to dive there without a guide for a beginner with few dives in natural environment and cold water.

Prerequisites are :

The site belongs to Parc Canada, so there is an access fee to be paid on site at the parking lot or at the counter of the diving base. See the website for rates, which change every year.


The entrance to the sites is from the shore, it is a rocky cape, which makes it slippery with water.

It is advised to go down quietly, without fins on your feet and to put on the fins and the mask only when your two feet are in the water.

If you go freediving, you have to take into account the tides.

If not, you can get in the water at any time during the opening hours.

Organizing yourself so as not to be cold is important!

All the essential equipment and accessories for cold water diving are available for rent at the dive base.

No, the site is only open during the day, see the schedule on our information page

No, when the base is closed the site is inaccessible.

Different amenities are present on our site to allow you a great experience !

You have at your disposal :

  • picnic tables
  • showers,
  • locker rooms,
  • cleaning basins equipment,
  • equipment rental,
  • guide services.

Yes with presentation of a recognized NITROX certification