As a member and/or diver respecting the Government of Quebec's scuba diving regulations, I agree to respect the following rules:


I am aware that underwater activities involve risks; as my own safety and that of others is my priority, I hold a valid Certificate of qualifications in recreational scuba diving from the Government of Quebec as prescribed by law and in my possession the emergency equipment recommended for the activity.


I carry out a self-assessment of my physical and mental health before any dives and I postpone my dives if my abilities are reduced for one reason or another or if I am not able to manage a possible emergency situation.


I assess the environmental conditions of the practice area and I make sure that my knowledge and skills are adequate to carry out my activity safely. I have access to an experienced local guide if I need it.


I respect the environment, flora and fauna in all stages of my underwater activity.

  • I throw my waste in the appropriate places and I leave the site cleaner than on my arrival.
  • I relieve myself in the appropriate places.
  • I preserve the seabed as well as the fauna by not touching them with my hands or my fins. I take measures to minimize my impact on the environment and I am aware of my role as an ambassador for the protection of the underwater environment, and I set an example (Longitude 181, Leave No Trace Canada, Project AWARE, etc.)
  • In residential areas, I respect the tranquility of residents by minimizing noise and footsteps of my presence.
  • Where access to water is forbidden, I respect the signs in order to support the steps taken collectively to give us all access, and help maintain a good reputation for divers in general.


Whether on the water or not, I keep an eye out for other divers and assist them to the best of my ability if any of them need help. When diving, I make sure to stay in constant communication with my partner and respect his limits as well as mine.


I am respectful in my interactions with any person I come across during my activity, whether he is another practitioner of underwater sports or not. I share the common spaces harmoniously and I take care of the sites that are lent to me in order to help maintain access to all.


I also show respect to Quebec Subaquatique, FQAS-Accreditation, members, agencies and all industry professionals. I express my opinions in the appropriate places and I use the complaint form on the Quebec Underwater website if I wish to report a reprehensible or an unacceptable situation. I understand that Quebec Underwater's social media are not places of public debate or mediation and I respect the channels put in place to express my requests or opinions in a constructive manner.

I adhere to the Charter

Adhere to the Diver Charter by filling out the following form. Your name will appear on this page as a signatory. You will receive by email the official seal as well as a mailing acknowledging your commitment.