The diving bag presents you

Prepare well for diving

In Quebec, diving is learning to live in a new world!

It is certain that a breathtaking universe awaits you under the waters of Quebec! To get there, you have to be well prepared!

Here are some basic steps to help you dive safely.

The different steps to be determined:

1- Establish your dive plan

Dive accompanied! Make sure you know the people you are diving with. 

Safety and caution above all!

2- Anticipate a few aspects before choosing a site

  • The conditions of access, the regulations of the site in force
  • Opening hours
  • The announced weather
  • Tell someone you know about your excursion

3- Find a plan B

Have your back if plan A can't work

4- Prepare your bag

  • Take a means of communication with you
  • Prepare your basic diving equipment
  • Have you thought of everything?

Where to find a dive site in Quebec?

Only one place: Dive here! Our 100% diving web map in Quebec !

Meet your planning buddy to learn more about dive sites,

access, equipment and services on site.

Webbed advice: Do not hesitate to contact the managers of each site for an expert opinion on the current climatic conditions!


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