Find a dive site in Quebec?

Plonge ici ! This is your interactive map of dive sites in Quebec!

This tool, designed especially for divers eager to explore the seabed of Quebec, aims to provide divers with a user-friendly and complete interactive map listing the best dive sites in the region.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, Plonge ici ! offers you an invaluable resource for planning your underwater adventures. Both on the dive sites and on the services nearby.


We strive to provide detailed information about each dive site listed. You'll find accurate descriptions of each location, including geographic features, visibility, currents, and marine wildlife present.

As you explore the map, you can filter dive sites based on your personal preferences, be it type of dive, difficulty, geographic proximity or any other criteria specific to your search.

To guide you in using this tool, here is a quick tutorial to walk through the different features:


We are constantly looking for new dive sites to add to our map. If you have discovered an incredible place that is not yet on Plonge ici ! , nous vous encourageons vivement à le partager avec nous.

Your contribution will help enrich our community of divers and make Plonge ici !, an even more precious resource for all.

Plonge ici ! is a collaborative project, and we are committed to working with divers and diving enthusiasts to constantly improve our interactive map. We are committed to ensuring that each diver can discover the wonders of Quebec's seabed in complete safety and with great satisfaction.

To join the community of contributors, 3 possibilities:

  1. Add a new site or edit an existing site by visiting our dedicated platform!
  2. Send your comments / remarks / suggestions on the user experience to this email:
  3. Submit your diving photos to enrich the Quebec Subaquatic photo gallery by filling out our form below: