End your diving season

The diving bag presents you

End your diving season

The diving season in Quebec, punctuated by unforgettable underwater discoveries, is unfortunately coming to an end. It’s time to prepare for the transition out of the water by taking care of your equipment and preparing yourself mentally and physically for the next season. Here are some essential tips and tasks to consider for a knowledgeable diver.

1. Equipment cleaning and maintenance

One of the most crucial aspects after an intense diving season is to carefully clean and maintain your equipment. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Rinse with fresh water : Wash your wetsuit, regulator, mask, fins and other equipment thoroughly in fresh water to remove salt and residue.
  • Inspect zippers and seals : Check that all zippers are in good condition and functioning properly. Also examine the seals to make sure they are intact and well lubricated.
  • Check the inflatables : If you use a buoyancy aid, check the condition of the valves and make sure there are no leaks.
  • Checking the regulator : Have your regulator checked by a professional to make sure it is working properly and ready for the next season.

For all your checks in Quebec, please go to one of our corporate members to benefit from complete and secure expertise.

2. Proper Equipment Storage

Once your equipment is clean and dry, it is important to store it properly to avoid damage.

  • Cool and dry place : Store your equipment in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Hang or lay flat :

For wetsuit : If possible, hang your wetsuit on a hanger or place it flat to avoid deforming the neoprene.

For drysuit : Roll the boot suit up to the collar, making sure the zipper remains open to maintain its natural shape. Then place the suit in a dry, airtight bag to protect it from humidity and ozone.

  • Dégonfler les gonflables : Si vous avez un gilet stabilisateur, assurez-vous de le dégonfler complètement avant de le ranger.

3. Medical and mental review

Before you return to diving next season, make sure you are healthy and mentally ready.

  • Medical consultation : Schedule a visit to your doctor to make sure you are in good physical condition for diving.
  • Skills Update : If you haven't dived in a while, consider taking a refresher course to brush up on basic skills.
  • Meditation and relaxation : Take time to mentally relax and reflect on your past diving experiences. This will help you approach the new season with a fresh perspective.

4. Planning the next adventures

Take advantage of the break between seasons to plan your next underwater adventures.

  • Choice of destinations : Explore new dive sites in Quebec or return to your favorite places.
  • Updating certifications : Take advantage of this time to obtain new certifications or improve your existing skills.
  • Checking travel conditions : Make sure you are aware of the travel requirements and regulations related to diving in the locations you plan to visit.

The end of the diving season in Quebec is the perfect opportunity to take care of your equipment, prepare yourself mentally and physically for the next season, and plan new underwater adventures. With these few practical tips you will be ready to dive in Quebec waters with enthusiasm and in complete safety when the diving season returns.

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Evaluate your dive according to your level

The diving bag presents you

Evaluate your dive according to your level

La plongée c’est accessible… avec un savoir-faire à portée de main.

It is certain that to dive safely, you must take care of your health! However, this practice remains accessible if you follow basic notions throughout your life.

  • Join the Quebec Subaquatic win!

You can update your knowledge on the practice of recreational diving in Quebec by becoming a member with privileged access that allows you to join a community sensitive to the same universe as yours!

  • Physical and mental fitness is life!

On ne t’apprend rien, maintenir une certaine forme physique en pratiquant une activité sportive c’est bon pour le corps et l’esprit ! Alors fonce ! (pas besoin d’être un guerrier non plus)

  • Prevention is better than cure !

Follow up with your general practitioner during your check-up to check your skills and protect yourself from risks or accidents

Reminder of the levels of divers, 4 levels in Quebec:

  • level A: To start scuba diving!
  • level B: To go deeper and supervise your buddys!
  • level C: To obtain diving specialties (ex: underwater photography, exploration of wrecks, etc.)
  • level D: To become a master diver and supervise under remuneration!

Rules are important! We reassure you it's crystal clear! This way : https://www.legisquebec.gouv.qc.ca/fr/document/rc/S-3.1,%20r.%208

What are the variables that a diver must take

into account to dive according to his level?

Each level of diver must respect a dive site allowing a direct ascent to the surface.

2 variables to take into account depending on your level:

The diving depth and the time of day (day or night) see table below:

(these limits vary according to the private certification agencies – non-exhaustive data)

Indeed, depending on your level, it is important to respect these 2 variables to stay safe!
For more information on the regulations go to the government website.

A few other aspects to consider before going on a dive?

Have you taken a good look at the online dive sector map with dives here and taken a copy with you?

Does the level of service in the diving sector make you feel confident? (Signage, sector map, services available nearby, etc.)

Is cellular network available at your dive site?

Have you communicated to a relative your departure in diving?

Consult our practical advice Prepare well for diving for more information on preparing for your next exploration.

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Equip yourself to dive with peace of mind!

The diving bag presents you

Equip yourself to dive with peace of mind!

Scuba diving is accessible and fun… with the right equipment!

If you are wondering what equipment you can dive with in Quebec, the answer is here.

In the waters of Quebec, the water temperature varies from -2°C to 20°C depending on depth and time of year, so you will need more suitable equipment than in the tropics.

I-To equip yourself in Quebec, for the whole year!

The diving suit: are you Wet or Dry?

The debate remains open between buddy but the important thing is you!

Choice 1 : The fully waterproof Dry suit (en fr) that does not let water through. It is important to cover yourself with other layers (ask the specialists) between your wetsuit and your skin to heat your body because your only fuel is you!

The real advantage is that you can stay warm continuously before and after diving 🙂

Choice 2 : The “wet” or humid suit (in fr) lets water enter between the suit and your body in order to warm it up.

It is possible to use it in Quebec at certain times of the year when the temperature is above 18°C. °C.

Tip: Listen up! The important thing is to feel comfortable during your next explorations!

The diving mask : the less water inside, the better! !

The first essential to see underwater and appreciate the aquatic fauna and flora that surrounds you!

In order not to be mistaken, ensure the seal!

astuce : consider the presence of a special film antifog inside the mask, handy for seeing more in darker salt water!

Adjustable fins: your travel tool

In Quebec, we dive mainly with adjustable fins in cold water to accommodate your boots.

The scuba regulator: the power to breathe underwater

In order to activate your ability to breathe underwater, be sure to seek advice from specialists.

The dive computer: your traveling companion

Recreational diving imposes a certain depth threshold on you depending on your level of diver, this watch mainly gives you:

  • the depth where you are in real time;
  • the time you have left at a certain depth before going into decompression with a more or less long safety stop.
The stabilizer vest

Une bouée intégrée à un gilet qui vous permet de flotter à une certaine profondeur sous l’eau =» idéale pour être plus à l’aise.

Accessories specific to diving in Quebec
  • Balaclava and gloves : For your thermal comfort, especially for diving in cold water.
  • Booties : For use with adjustable fins, essential for colder waters and shore diving.
  • Compass : Useful when visibility is low. This is a mandatory piece of equipment for Divemasters in training.
  • Diving light : Essential in Quebec because of the salty waters which allow less visibility. Also essential for night diving.

Accessories for your safety

  • The wire cutter : Effective for any obstruction during your dive
  • Tuba : In case of emergency it can save your life to continue on the surface

II-To prepare your dive bag, without a hitch:

1- Make sure to take a waterproof bag, ideally large enough to contain all of your equipment

2- Store your bag evenly (for diver tips, the comments section is open!)

To dive in Quebec, a qualification certificate is required!
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