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Equip yourself to dive with peace of mind!

Scuba diving is accessible and fun… with the right equipment!

If you are wondering what equipment you can dive with in Quebec, the answer is here.

In the waters of Quebec, the water temperature varies from -2°C to 20°C depending on depth and time of year, so you will need more suitable equipment than in the tropics.

I-To equip yourself in Quebec, for the whole year!

The diving suit: are you Wet or Dry?

The debate remains open between buddy but the important thing is you!

Choice 1 : The fully waterproof Dry suit (en fr) that does not let water through. It is important to cover yourself with other layers (ask the specialists) between your wetsuit and your skin to heat your body because your only fuel is you!

The real advantage is that you can stay warm continuously before and after diving 🙂

Choice 2 : The “wet” or humid suit (in fr) lets water enter between the suit and your body in order to warm it up.

It is possible to use it in Quebec at certain times of the year when the temperature is above 18°C. °C.

Tip: Listen up! The important thing is to feel comfortable during your next explorations!

The diving mask : the less water inside, the better! !

The first essential to see underwater and appreciate the aquatic fauna and flora that surrounds you!

In order not to be mistaken, ensure the seal!

astuce : consider the presence of a special film antifog inside the mask, handy for seeing more in darker salt water!

Adjustable fins: your travel tool

In Quebec, we dive mainly with adjustable fins in cold water to accommodate your boots.

The scuba regulator: the power to breathe underwater

In order to activate your ability to breathe underwater, be sure to seek advice from specialists.

The dive computer: your traveling companion

Recreational diving imposes a certain depth threshold on you depending on your level of diver, this watch mainly gives you:

  • the depth where you are in real time;
  • the time you have left at a certain depth before going into decompression with a more or less long safety stop.
The stabilizer vest

Une bouée intégrée à un gilet qui vous permet de flotter à une certaine profondeur sous l’eau =» idéale pour être plus à l’aise.

Accessories specific to diving in Quebec
  • Balaclava and gloves : For your thermal comfort, especially for diving in cold water.
  • Booties : For use with adjustable fins, essential for colder waters and shore diving.
  • Compass : Useful when visibility is low. This is a mandatory piece of equipment for Divemasters in training.
  • Diving light : Essential in Quebec because of the salty waters which allow less visibility. Also essential for night diving.

Accessories for your safety

  • The wire cutter : Effective for any obstruction during your dive
  • Tuba : In case of emergency it can save your life to continue on the surface

II-To prepare your dive bag, without a hitch:

1- Make sure to take a waterproof bag, ideally large enough to contain all of your equipment

2- Store your bag evenly (for diver tips, the comments section is open!)

To dive in Quebec, a qualification certificate is required!
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