Ice diving? it's for the pros... well no! This practice is one of the most expected and typical of Quebec. Indeed in Quebec, the particularity for the majority of the territory is that we dive in cold water all year round. So when winter arrives, many sites are covered in ice thanks to the sub-zero temperatures.

For many enthusiasts, this practice is a time to rediscover certain diving spots and see a new world there under the colors of the ice !

Why practice ice diving in Quebec?

  • Live a magical moment under an ice ceiling with breathtaking colors!
  • Take up a new challenge in cold water in Quebec… thrills guaranteed!
  • Watch a light show unique to ice diving

When to practice ?

This practice obviously depends on the climatic conditions, indeed it is essential to have a sufficient thickness of ice to be able to be safe on the ice. Usually the high season is between December and March depending on the weather.

How to practice ice diving in Quebec ?

Ice diving is accessible to any diver with a Québec recreational scuba diving qualification certificate allowing them to dive in the cold waters of Québec.

Many instructors in Quebec offer training to teach you the skills necessary to allow you to dive under ice safely.

To discover the list of our authorized instructors click here. cliquez-ici.

You will therefore have access to many essential knowledge such as:

(Non-exhaustive list)

  • Planning and organizing an ice dive
  • Criteria for selecting an ice diving site
  • The formation of ice
  • Equipment needed for ice diving
  • Ice cutting
  • cold water physiology
  • Risky situations and safety procedure
  • Adequate hole closure

A few points on the regulations:

  • The certificate from an agency is not enough to dive in Quebec, you need a recreational underwater diving certificate in Quebec.
  • The upgrade to obtain the cold water certificate can be issued under certain conditions (see regulations). (voir réglementation).

Where to practice ice diving in Quebec?

In order to better orient you in the Quebec region, here are the 2 must-see sites for ice diving

Find all the information for each site on our interactive map of dive sites in Quebec, on plonge-ici! sur plonge-ici !

 Morrisson Career

Known for its many wrecks, some of which for film stunts, this quarry is full of treasures.

This quarry has been converted into a real leisure center open to all types of public. Ideal for a 1st dive under the ice!

Discover ice diving at the quarry in pictures with Manuel Ano:

Flintkote Career

“This site is also ideal for all types of divers, both beginners and advanced. This is the reason why several diving clubs come to give certifications. This is also where members of the Canadian Navy train to maintain their skills in ice diving.

You have any other suggestions for ice diving sites in Quebec? You want to share your experiences and adventures with us?

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